Sunday, February 28, 2010


I set this blog up some months ago and then stopped. So much of what gets blogged and so much of what I am inclined to write is negative. The first thing I was going to blog was "Thomas Kincade is a Pornographer." It's a reasonable proposition but, like much of what I comment on others' posts and what I most often think of posting myself it is a slashing attack. It is rather how I am, unfortunately. I realized that I was about to nurture and expand what is worst about myself. So I stopped.

It's strange that, though I am prone to utter and write the condemnatory and malicious, when I articulate works of visual art I am kind, generous, affectionate, even sweet. (I don't mean to claim any great talent, or any talent.) I am struck how these works are primarily kindly, though I am not.

I'm going to post my pictures, perhaps comment on them and perhaps, restraining my spontaneous malice and resentment, offer the occasional other observation, like "Librarians are Perfect."

The above image is pasted up of pieces cut out of 300 lb. watercolor paper, painted with acrylics, 2 inches wide. It is an unoriginal design. It is a traditional Indian design common to the ancient churches founded by Saint Thomas the Apostle the patron saint of India. It is known as a Saint Thomas' Cross.

He is my patron saint. Thomas is a popular name for us Irish and Irish-Americans because of Thomas Aquinas. The Celts at the end of Europe had a great respect for learning and scholarship. I'd formerly thought of Aquinas as mine, but, no, it's the Apostle, after Peter, the second wrongest Apostle.

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